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The Fraser - Now in the USA! Page: 5

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The chassis is set up to use the following engine:
Toyota 2000cc, twin cam, 16 v, 3S-GE on fuel injection (“series 2”). This engine was used in 1989 to 1993 Celicas and MR2’s, with right hand drive only. This is an improved and stronger version of what was used in the USA up to 1989. Even though never originally imported to the US, it is available in the US through used engine importers that buy directly from Japan, about $500.
In stock form it produces 165 HP. Compression can be raised to 10.5, additional head work and other conservative internal modifications result in approximately 200 bhp.
The USA Chassis includes a custom Fraser cam/valve cover and custom Fraser intake manifold for this engine. We are working with Fraser to develop a kit that enables this engine run at 230 HP with relatively good mid-range torque. This would consist of a Toyota “series 3” modified head, special cam, different intake manifold and exhaust headers.

This engine has proven to be very well designed, very reliable and lends itself nicely to modification for increased power.

The USA Chassis comes with a special bell housing and is set up to take the following transmission:
Toyota T-50, split case, heavy version, 5-speed. Vintage- 1983 to 1987. The heavy version can be identified by a 68 mm O.D. input shaft bearing (not 62 mm) and a 22 tooth output shaft spline (not 20). Cost approx. $400.